Ghost Hunting with My Dog Gus

Summer vacation was here – and Mikey was ready for all the delights of summer – pool parties, relaxing in the sun, disturbance of grave sites, and ghost hunting crews taking over his house. Ahhh…summer. Wait – what?


About Noel and Nicole Henneman

Set in motion by Bradbury, Serling, and Spielberg,
Noel has spent his life telling stories and building worlds. More recently, his editor (pictured top-right) suggested that maybe he should be writing some of this down.

Nicole grew up among the forests and magic
of Whidbey Island. As a writer, she is inspired
by travel and the supernatural, and she
adamantly refuses to be limited by genre.
(Seriously. back off, genre. You’ve been warned.)

Together they live in the Pacific Northwest with their son,
his three pet tarantulas, and–on alternate weekends–the family ghost.